Spam Checker

New in version 0.9.

Spam protection is mandatory when you want to let your users react on your entries.

Originally Zinnia provided a only one type of spam protection with the support of Akismet.

One it’s not bad, but it’s not enough, because depend of a third-party service may be a little bit risky.

Now Akismet has been moved in a dedicated module and the moderation system let you choose the spam checkers to use. With this new feature you can now write a custom spam checker corresponding to your needs and use it for moderating your comments, trackbacks and linkbacks.

We can imagine for example that you want to authorize comments from a white-list of IPs, it’s possible by writing a backend.


You can use multiple backends for checking the content, because they are chained, useful for a maximum protection.

Configuration example:


Changed in version 0.19.

The spam protection now also apply on incoming trackbacks and linkbacks.

Writing your own spam checker backend

Writing a backend for using a custom spam checker is simple as possible, you only needs to follows 4 rules.

  1. In a new Python file write a function named backend taking in parameter : content the text to verify, content_object the object related to the text and request the current request.

  2. The backend function should returns True if content is spam and False otherwhise.

  3. If the backend requires initial configuration you must raise an ImproperlyConfigured exception if the configuration is not valid. The error will be displayed in the console.

  4. Register your backend to be used in your project with this setting:


For a more examples take a look in this folder : zinnia/spam_checker/backends/.